Your Local Utah Solar Company

We have you covered.

Renewable Resources is a locally owned solar company
based right here in the Salt Lake Valley.

Take Control Of Your Energy

Going solar is more practical, reliable, and cost-effective than ever before in the state of Utah.

As a local Utah solar company, we are the experts that have the knowledge and understanding to make sure your solar project is done on time.

Own Your Power

For years, Utah homeowners have had very limited options when it comes to their energy solutions for their homes. However, Utah homeowners like yourself now can take advantage of solar as the better option.

For the first time in years, you can now own your power. Giving you the financial freedom around how much energy you use.

Store Your Energy

We offer some of the best solutions for energy storage. Whether you are looking for a simple battery backup or a complex solution, Renewable Resources has you covered. 



We Pride Ourselves In
Customer Service & Honest Prices

Renewable Resources is Your Local Utah Solar Company. We pride ourselves on giving you the best price & customer service in your solar experience.
Where other solar companies fall short with your experience, we excel with your customer satisfaction.