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Going solar in Draper has never been easier than it is with Renewable Resources. We are one Draper’s fastest growing solar company and we are here to help you every step of the way. We offer a free solar consultation to help you determine if solar is right for you and we have a variety of financing options to make going solar easy and affordable.

We are a local company that operates solely Utah. Most companies outsource their work to other installers, but we pride ourselves on handling every installation from start to finish–including estimation, solar system design, permitting, and installation. There isn’t a single step in the process that we don’t complete ourselves.

You can be confident that when you pick Renewable Resources, you’re getting the highest quality local solar service available. Not only do we have excellent Google Reviews but we have a great reputation with the manufactures . We are also a preferred maintenance for solar manufactures that use to help service existing solar panel systems in Draper, Utah. 

If you are looking to hire a solar company, please feel free to reach out to Renewable Resources for a free estimate for your Draper home. 

Draper Solar Company

How Does Net Metering and Solar Work for My Draper Home?

How Net Metering Works In Draper UT

Net metering is a billing system used by power companies in which Draper homeowners  recieve credits for the energy that the home produces. Net metering lets you send energy produced by your system to the power company, where it is stored on the grid and credited against your next bill. You are credited for the amount of energy that you send back into the grid.

We believe that net metering is a great resource for homeowners looking to go solar in Draper.  However, installing solar on your home is not dependent on whether you have the ability to go solar. There are many homeowners in the Draper area that choose to go solar without the ability of taking advantage of the power company’s net metering options. 

If you have questions about net metering, we suggest talking to a Draper Solar Company. As one of the most trusted solar companies in Draper, one of Renewable Resources solar consultants can help you navigate the net metering options that you have available in your area. 

Is Going Solar A Good Investment?

Many Draper homeowners ask us, “is going solar a good investment for my home in Draper?”. As much as we would love to tell every homeowner that going solar is the best investment for them. We feel that consulting with a Draper Solar Company that knows the details of the local power company, the city’s laws, and how it all works for your home is the best first step.

When you go solar, you are making an investment in your home. Solar panels have been shown to improve the value of a home by thousands of dollars and may help to sell houses faster than non-solar homes. Solar panel systems in Draper are known to increase the value of a property between 3%-% of the home’s value.
Another big incentive to convert to solar is to save money.

You may stop paying energy bills since solar panels allow you to produce your own power, so goodbye expensive energy bills. The typical monthly energy cost in Draper is $163. Renewable Resources can help you save 20-30% on your power bill each month. Each household’s savings varies. The best way to find out how much you can save on your home’s power bill is by filling out our solar calculator.

Solar Investment Draper Utah

Will going solar make my home off grid in the city of Draper?

Going Off Grid In Draper Utah

In the city of Draper, any home that is located inside the city limits can not go off grid. All solar systems are a grid tie system which means you stay connected to the power company. You will not see a change in how your power comes in, but solar will add the extra option of using the sun’s energy first.

One of the main products we use for our solar installation are Enphase iQ8 Inverters. Enphase’s iQ inverters allow your home to use the power from your solar panels if the power goes out. It’s the only inverter on the market that allows you to still have power. If you are looking for a full system option, we offer battery options as well so while you will still be on the grid, you will have plenty of backup options.

We highly recommend that you meet with one of our solar consultants to find out which is the best option for you and your home. We strive to be one of the best solar companies in Draper, Utah. 

About this page: If you are looking to go solar and have a bunch questions, make sure you talk to a reputable Draper Solar Company. Renewable Resources is happy to help answering the questions you may have about going solar.



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