Our Solar Process

Our Solar Process is efficient and simple. You can count on our team to follow up with each stage. Our goal is to make sure you understand each step of the way.

1. Initial Meeting

We will have a one on one meeting with you either in person or on a video call.

In this meeting, we will ask for the energy usage on your house so we can give you an accurate quote on a system for your home. We will discuss the savings, process, and see if your home qualifies for solar panels.

2. Design

We will submit your home energy usage to our engineering department. Our CAD team will design the most efficient system for your home and energy consumption.

The panel placements will be based on roof position in regard to the sun, roof obstructions, shading, and roof pitch. We have the flexibility to move panels anywhere on the roof to fit a specific aesthetic appeal, or based on efficiency.

3. Site Survey

We will schedule one of our engineers will come by and visually inspect the electrical panel and roof of your home.

Our engineer will check the capabilities and available capacity of the electrical system.

They will inspect the roof and get a sample of the roof material.

They will also inspect the attic and the roof from the interior for structural integrity.

Through this entire process, our engineer will take photos of the necessary areas for final submission.

4. Permitting

Once all the documentation and the site survey are complete, our project manager will submit for permits. You do not have to do anything at this point.

The cost of the permitting is included in the project cost. The approval timeline is based on each city. Some cities in Utah take a few weeks while others can take several months.

5. Scheduling Installation

Once your permit is approved, we will contact you to schedule your installation as soon as possible.

Typically, we are one to two weeks out for an installation date. Depending on the solar system size and start time, we can install most systems completed in one day.

6. Finalization

Once everything is installed, the solar system needs to be inspected, an inspection by the city inspector, and a local utility representative.

This usually happens within a week of the installation date.

Once all parties give the green light, your system will be activated. You will have a working solar system and producing solar energy!



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