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Are you looking for the right West Jordan Solar Company? We understand that choosing the right company is important on such a big investment. There are many options to choose from here in West Jordan, Utah. 

At Renewable Resources, we make it easier than ever to switch to solar power in West Jordan. Our goal is to help you navigate the waters from the very beginning all the way past your installation. We have a mobile app that you can monitor your energy production panel by panel. This allowing you to optimize your solar system to fit your families needs. 

We are the city’s premier solar company and offer free consultations to help you determine if solar is right for your home. In addition, we have a variety of financing options available to make going solar easy and affordable.

If you are concerned about the cost of solar, don’t worry. Here are Renewable Resources we believe in providing the best products on the market at competitive prices. Unlike many solar companies in the valley, we are a direct to consumer company that offers you the best options. We provide everything from A to Z. Everything from the design, financing options, and even the installation. 

If you would like to find out what it will cost to go solar, please fill out our solar calculator

What are the tax incentives for solar panels on my West Jordan home

There has never been a better time to go solar than today. Solar systems that were installed in previous years were eligible for a 26% tax credit. Just this year, Congress passed an extension that has raised that amount to 30% of the installation till 2032. There are also state tax incentives that you may be eligible for as well.

Taking an advantage of these tax credits will significantly decrease what you have to pay for installing solar panels. The city of West Jordan, Utah is very pro-solar and allows permitting much faster than other cities in Utah. 

While we highly encourage our customers to take advantage of the new tax credits, we suggest that you consult with a tax expert on any tax incentive and rebates you may be eligible for. Each homeowner in West Jordan has different income and tax limits.

If you’re looking for a West Jordan solar company that can help you maximize incentives with solar, contact Renewable Resources today.

What are the warranties offered on a solar installation?

With Renewable Resources you can expect the best warranties offered in the industry. Our panels that we install are top-tier one panels that come with a 25 year warranty from the manufacture. 

One of the biggest differences in our company and others is our inverters. We only use Enphase Inverters. Enphase is the only company on the market that offers 25 year warranty on their inverters. We are one of the few solar companies in West Jordan to offer Enphase Inverters exclusively. 

We also warranty our installation and craftsmanship. Our installations are all from in-house employees so we don’t subcontract any of the workouts. That means we are a turn key service to get you on your way quickly to create your own power with solar panels. 

With Renewable Resources, we have you covered for the life time of your solar installation system. 

West Jordan Solar Installation

How do I know I am getting the right inverter for my solar panels?

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We have some of the best inverters on the market today. We use Enphase iQ8 inverters that allow your home to use the power from your solar panels if the power goes out. That can be a huge relief if you lose power during a storm. We also use micro inverters instead of string inverters. Micro-inverters have a much longer warranty and perform better than string inverters.

A string inverter takes the panel array as a whole. If one panel is damaged or blocking the sun, then the power created is reduced across the whole system. With a micro-inverter, if one panel is covered then only that panel will be reduced in energy production. All other panels will perform at 100%


When comparing inverters it’s easy to see why Enphase iQ8s outperform the competition. When comparing solar companies in the West Jordan area, it’s easy to see why Renewable Resources is one of the top tier solar companies to choose from. We are proud to offer you one of the best inverters on the market for your home in West Jordan. 

About this page: Are you a homeowner in West Jordan, Utah researching if solar is right for your home? Look no further than Renewable Resources as the best West Jordan Solar Company in the area. 



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